Wednesday, June 29, 2011

goin' fishin'

Nothing says fishing like a Lightening McQueen fishing rod...

Standing side by side with your brother who has a SpongeBob fishing rod...

Catching a 4 inch long Sunfish...

and being so proud!

and of course we have to humor Mom for one fun pic!

It's a favorite hobby of our families. We have a great Sportsman's Club we have a membership to and the kids (and parents) have a super fun time pulling out whoppers!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The end of a great baseball season!

This is our first year playing baseball. We played 2 years of T-ball prior. There was a big difference and for a while Nick felt "out of his league", but soon caught on adn had a wonderful time. I was amazed how his skills developed through the season.

Warming up in the batters box.

Daddy coaching third. Ray was the head coach w/ t-ball but is assisting with baseball so he can resume head coaching with Adam next year when he is old enough to play.

Ready to swing!

Entertaining Adam during games is sometimes a challenge. I wish our area had a league for 4 yr old. Adam spends time playing trucks and here he is doing a sticker book with my dad, Pap.

My computer was out for a while with a bad virus. we are all cleaned up and running great, so now it it time to catch up on some posts!