Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stop and Smell (not pick) the Flowers

I hope there's not a bee in there!

Adam...Don't pick Mommy's Flowers!

It's hard to not pick the flowers when you really want to pick the flowers!

Enjoying a picnic on a beautiful spring day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

8 Things

8 Things - I was tagged by Jamie, one of my bloggy friends & IUP alumni, over at http:/
Here's how 8 THINGS works:
-Mention the person that tagged you.
-Complete the lists of 8's.
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1. Our weeks vacation in July!!!! I''m ready for the sand beneath my toes!!!
2. Nick's first T-Ball game next Tuesday!!!!
3. Seeing my boys grow up into wonderful & successful young men.
4. Being off work next Mon. & Tues., sending the kids to preschool & having the day to myself!
5. The addition of my new large deck (soon, right Ray?)
6. Seeing how my children have matured, how much they have learned and the beautiful artwork they make every day at school (I love this nursery/preschool).
7. Planting all of my summer flowers and seeing how beautiful my yards looks as they grow.
8. 8:30 at night when both boys are in bed and I can sit, relax and watch TV with my hubby.
1. Laundry - I love seeing an empty hamper, no matter how short lived it is!
2. Cleaned my car, inside and out.
3. Laughed as the kids "helped" us wash cars. They were soaked but had fun.
4. Pulled weeds.
5. Enjoyed some really delicious BBQ ribs for supper.
6. Took a nap while the kids did.
7. Switched out winter clothes and reloaded with summer ones.
8. Read bedtime stories and gave kisses to my two sweet boys.
1. Work part time and still receive the same paycheck I get now.
2. Stop my wonderful neighbors from moving an hour away.
3. Go on a romantic getaway with my Hubby for our anniversary in May (were working on that)
4. Cook more - I try, I just don't like too. Ray is our family cooker most of the time.
5. Control the future for my boys so nothing bad ever happens to them.
6. Have unlimited money and go on a shopping spree for ANYTHING I might want
7. Make a decision quick. I'm not real good with that and most of the time it takes me a while.
8. Relax more with feeling the constant need to clean something - I'm a little OCD :)
1. CSI - all of them (New York, Las Vegas, & Miami)
3. Hell's Kitchen
4. Anything on TLC
5. Survivor
6. Big Brother (when it's on)
7. Family Guy
8. Anything on Noggin with my kids.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fill - Ins we go!
1. Apparently there's some sort of plan to build a huge deck the entire length of the back of my house, as soon as my husband and father in-law get it started - I'm patiently waiting boys!
2. I love a wam and sunny day.
3. 2009 has been wonderful so far.
4. My husband lost his wedding band on Tuesday, it slipped off of his finger, we looked everywhere he could of possibly been and that was it, it was gone.
5. For too long I've been couped up in the house - let's go outside and play - it was a long winter in Pa.
6. I am not obsessed with cleaning my house; I am not!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to playing outside, tomorrow my plans include planting flowers and Sunday, I want to clean, do laundry, and enjoy the warm weather!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PlayDoh on a Rainy Evening... a great way to entertain the kids. In addition to the playdoh toys we have, they enjoyed cookie cutters, crab mallats, plastic spoons, and anything else I could find to keep their attention. We did have the occasional fight when they each wanted the same thing (of course!) but luckily I was able to pull the next new item to divert the attention from the toy worth fighting over. They created lots of little "must-haves" for Mommy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Praying for Stellan

Today is Stellan's very risky surgery. I have been faithfully following this blog site (along with millions of people worldwide). I don't know these people but I feel as if I do because of how they touched my heart. This is an amazing story and I truely recommend checking out this site (I'll warn you, it's extremely addictive!!!). Today is wear orange for Stellan and pictures are being posted on this site while he is in surgery. I forgot all about it this morning when I dressed the kids but I found this picture of Adam wearing a little orange a few months ago and I sent this picture in. I couldn't find one of Nick wearing any orange.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Night Little Brother

A few nights ago we were looking for Adam to put him to bed. We went into his bedroom and found this sweet scene. Nick decided he wanted to read his brother a bedtime story and Adam sat very still and quietly listened to his brother. Ray and I listened at the doorway and just enjoyed the moment!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fishing with Daddy!

Ray took Nick on his first real fishing excursion last Thursday while they were off school for Easter break. Nick caught his first ever trout. Words can't describe how excited and proud Ray was and still is. He was a fiesty fish because he wiggled back into the water shortly after this picture was taken, but at least we got the picture!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Fun

Our family had a wonderful Easter! I think the "bunny" went a little over board. Sunday morning looked similiar to Christmas when we woke up, but we had a really fun time. They are only little for such a short time and the bunny couldn't resist overflowing the baskets.
My Easter present from my hubby was such a treat. He took the children to Indiana from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon to give Mommy some Mommy time. It was soooooo nice.
I really enjoyed it but I have to admit, the house is weired at night without kids, baths, story time and good night kisses. That's ok - I'm not complaining and he is more than welcome to do again, any time he wants to :) I needed that!

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Waiting for the colored tablets to dissolve.

By the end of this project I wasn't sure if we were dyeing Easter Eggs or dyeing little boys fingers.

Smile guys!

Nick showing off his first egg.

Adam sqeezed his eggs too hard while decorated so his had a "crackle" finish!

Oh well, we don't eat them anyway - it was just to have fun!

Adam's Sesame Street Eggs

Nick's Transformer's eggs

Friday, April 10, 2009

Have a wonderful Easter from our family to yours!!

It's been a super busy week but I promise to post pics soon!