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Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Word


I received this as an e-mail and I thought I would post my answers on my blog. I though it would be fun to circulate this through the blog world.

Where is your cell phone?

Your significant other?

Your hair?

Your mother?

Your father?

Your favorite thing

Your dream last night?

Your favorite drink?

Your dream/goal?

What room are you in?

Your hobby?

Your fear?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Where were you last night?

Something that you aren't?


Wish list item?

Last thing you did?

What are you wearing?


Your pets?



Your mood? Remove Formatting from selection
Missing someone?

Your Car?

Something hard about your work?


Something you're not wearing?

Your favorite store?

Your favorite color?

When is the last time you cried?

Where do you go to over and over again?

Favorite place I'd like to be at right now?
beach :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Back With Pictures

This was a wonderful pool area for the kids to play. It was the biggest kiddie pool I have ever seen. The kids played and I tanned!

Ready to go to the pool.

Nick at the beach.

Enjoying the pool.

A man-made beach/swimming pool - thanks Daddy!

Too bad it didn't last long - the tide kept washing it away.

Lunch on the deck.

This is the shot of Adam's reaction to seeing the beach. He had never been to the beach before. We kept talking about it and had no idea what to expect. His reaction says it all!! Priceless.

We had a fantastic, relaxing, marvelous, memory filled vacation. We hated to see it end. In fact, we called the realtor to see ig we could rent the house for another night - but it was already rented. Oh well, we had to return to reality sometime. Below are some quick favorite pictures of the week. I will put together a slideshow as soon as I get a chance.
Back to reality now - and it's not fun. I'd rather still be on vacation.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm on vacation...

from July 18 - July 25th. I'll post lots of pics upon my return!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop Tuesday

3 things You Didn't know About Me

1. I hate to spin. I love amusement rides and roller costers are great, but I can not spin. The caurosel even makes me sick. I played "Ring -A - Round - the - Rosey" with my two year old and started to feel queezy.

2. I love colored flip flops. I think I have every color Old Navy has ever created. Many of them only match one outfit - but boy do they look cute when I wear them!

3. One of my favorite hobbies/stress reliefs/past times is working in my yard. I obsess over my landscaping, flowers, making sure every weed is pulled from the dirt, feeding, watering, and pruning my plants and flowers as necessary. I love my flowers and I obsess, yes obsess, over them. I'll be glad to post pictures sometime of my hobby.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Monday, July 13, 2009

Adam's Special Day

Nick left last Wednesday night for a mini-vacation with my Mom and Grandmother to my Grandmother's vacation home in the mountains of Northen PA. Adam stayed home and he enjoyed being an only child for a long weekend. We decided to devote the weekend to really making it special for him since Nick was off on a special treat of his own.
Below, we are playing outside and waiting for Daddy to pull the lawn mower out fo the shed for a tractor ride.

Swimming in the pool after his tractor ride.


We went to Inner Harbor in Baltimore on Saturday. Adam is getting his lifevest on for a boat ride with daddy. I opted out of this one and stood on the side to photograph the moment.

Hold on tight!!

Botth father and son loved sailing around the harbor.

Ordering lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Showing off his wind-up, walking crab.

Nick returned home Sunday afternoon and we were all glad to have him home. Adam really enjoyed his time but gave his brother a huge hug when he first saw him.
The same is true for Nick.
We are all home for the week and prepare to head off to the beach next weekend.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blogging & Rambling

I NEVER, EVER imagined that blogging would be as addictive as it is turning out to be.

Since joining Mr.Mclinky I can't stop blog hopping, but I must say I have discovered many awesome people. People that I can relate to as a mom, a wife, working woman, or to just gain a laugh. I haven't posted a written blog in a while since most of my recent posts have been showing off pictures of my beautiful boys, so I will spend some time catching up with recent happpenings in my life.

First of all...anyone who has been following my blog knows that I never keep a blog design for long. I have had more backgrounds than I can count. I have never felt that any of them represented the spirit of my blog. I have found a design that I am finally happy with and I plan to keep it for my summer background and limit my changes to seasonal. What do you think?

Tomorrow Ray and I are suprising Adam by taking him on a trip to the National Aquarium. He is fasinated by fish and water so it should be areal treat. Nick is on a mini vacation to my grandparents summer home so we are a family of 3 for a total of 5 days. Adams has been enjoying the extra attention and our trip tomorrow should be great and it gives us the pleasaure of a special day with just him. We try to give our kids a special day with us ever once and a while. I always see a different side to my kids when they are by themselves and special memories are always created.

Well, I've rambled about nothing long enough. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!!! I promise to post many pictures on monday of "Adam's Special Weekend"

*** 10 days until our beach vacation ***

Friday Fill It - Ins

It's been awhile since I posted a fill in ... we go!

1. The last thing I ate was an apple and a diet pepsi.

2. Clothes is something I recently bought.

3. When it rains, it gets humid - yuck!

4. Adam was the first person I talked to today.

5. Hugs are fanastic.

6. My wonderful hubby always provides me extra comfort.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to planting some new perenial plants in my flower garden, tomorrow my plans include taking Adam (Nick is on a vacation with my parents) to the aquarium and Sunday, I want to relax, clean the house, and do laundry!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

***This is one of my favorite photos of my boys. Nick is 4 and Adam had just turned one. This week, on TUESDAY, 7/7/09, the theme is A FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH. Post up one of your favorite photographs and a caption that tells the audience about it. Here is a sample: Do not change any part of this snippet of code except for this paragraph only.... replace the text that falls between (and includes) the opening and closing asterisks. Be sure to enter your own link to your own blog hop post as soon as the blog hop starts!***

blog hop starts!***

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