Monday, July 13, 2009

Adam's Special Day

Nick left last Wednesday night for a mini-vacation with my Mom and Grandmother to my Grandmother's vacation home in the mountains of Northen PA. Adam stayed home and he enjoyed being an only child for a long weekend. We decided to devote the weekend to really making it special for him since Nick was off on a special treat of his own.
Below, we are playing outside and waiting for Daddy to pull the lawn mower out fo the shed for a tractor ride.

Swimming in the pool after his tractor ride.


We went to Inner Harbor in Baltimore on Saturday. Adam is getting his lifevest on for a boat ride with daddy. I opted out of this one and stood on the side to photograph the moment.

Hold on tight!!

Botth father and son loved sailing around the harbor.

Ordering lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Showing off his wind-up, walking crab.

Nick returned home Sunday afternoon and we were all glad to have him home. Adam really enjoyed his time but gave his brother a huge hug when he first saw him.
The same is true for Nick.
We are all home for the week and prepare to head off to the beach next weekend.

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