Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Back With Pictures

This was a wonderful pool area for the kids to play. It was the biggest kiddie pool I have ever seen. The kids played and I tanned!

Ready to go to the pool.

Nick at the beach.

Enjoying the pool.

A man-made beach/swimming pool - thanks Daddy!

Too bad it didn't last long - the tide kept washing it away.

Lunch on the deck.

This is the shot of Adam's reaction to seeing the beach. He had never been to the beach before. We kept talking about it and had no idea what to expect. His reaction says it all!! Priceless.

We had a fantastic, relaxing, marvelous, memory filled vacation. We hated to see it end. In fact, we called the realtor to see ig we could rent the house for another night - but it was already rented. Oh well, we had to return to reality sometime. Below are some quick favorite pictures of the week. I will put together a slideshow as soon as I get a chance.
Back to reality now - and it's not fun. I'd rather still be on vacation.

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