Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 Things to Smile About for July

1.  Celebrating the 4th of July holiday over a great 4 day vacation that included Indiana, Pittsburgh, an Amusement Park, and lots of swimming.  It was so special and tons of fun!!
2. Going camping in a tent for the first time ever for me and LOVING it!  We have a great camping area about 1/2 hour from our home and we have had 2 great long weekends there.
3.  My hubby turned 34 years old ~ I love you so much!!
4.  A PERFECT week at the beach in our condo we enjoy every year.  Words can't express the special times and amazing memories we make on this annual trip.
5.  Giving my boys each a hermit crab that they have wanted for a long time and watching the enjoyment they express for having them.
6.  The job of my dreams, that I have wanted for about 8 years finally became available...and I GOT IT!
7.  Returning to work after 3 glorious months home with my boys.  It made the list because it is so bittersweet  (see 6 above), but it is nice to rejoin the workforce for the rewarding experiences, satisfaction, and the "me time" away from home.
8.  A special week home with just Adam as Ray and Nick went on a special fishing trip to Erie, Pa.  We try to give our boys individual time on occasion.  We really see a special side of them and they seem to appreciate each other so much more once the few days of seperation are over and we get a very special experience of one on one time with each of our children.
9.  Beautiful warm weather!
10.  Being extremely happy and appreciating that SO MUCH!!!!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Flashbacks!

This was always one of my favorite weekly posts ~ I'm glad to be back at it! 
 I am not sure how I got away from it other than to admit to being really busy in the warmer months.  We are packing and preparing to leave this weekend for a week at our condo in Ocean City, MD.  I was feeling nostalgic and posted pics from Nicks first trip to the beach.  He was 4 years old, Adam's age now.  We went with our friends, Keith and Karen.  It was a great trip and I am looking forward to this trip as well.  It seems each year we go we make more and more special family memories!!

Adam was only 7 months old, so my parents kept him for us but here is a cute pic of him in his crib before we leave to take him to Mimi and Pap's for a few days.

My sweet Nick, crocked sunglasses and all.  hehe!  Anxiously waiting for everyone to go to the "big sandbox".  I love this picture!!!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visiting Philadelphia

My husband was honored to attend a conference for educators in Philadelphia. We were honored as a family to be able to tag along for a great family vacation and to teach our children some history. Whether it's about some fun log cabin "play houses", a "broken bell", some really cool steps to run and play on, or eating in a place with some really neat guitars, they learned a lot and we all had a very special and wonderful time as a family!!

Enjoy some of our photos.

Visiting Valley Forge.

Cabins the soldiers stayed in at Valley Forge during their rough winter.

Victory after running up the flight of steps.

The Museum of Art where Rocky ran up the steps for training in the movie. These are those killer steps.

Our family in front of the Rocky Balboa stature. We loved it!! It was so neat.

Hard Rock Cafe, Downtown Philly

Peaking through the front door of Independance Hall. The front doors do not opne. All visitor's enter from the back, but a peek won't hurt.

A plaque by the front door of Independance Hall

The Liberty Bell ~ AWESOME to see!!

Independance hall was being renovated, but had a shear curtain covering the construction to show us the structure of the building. It was amazing to be standing there amidst history!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photo - Op at a Local Park

I dressed my boys in fun matching clothes.

I bribed them.

I begged them.

I even had to yell "please just smile and cooperate".

I promised we could feed the fish.

I promised we could play in the playground.

I pinky swore we would chase the ducks.

And I most definately gave my word I would push them on the swings.

In the end I got the shots and I LOVE them! Who need to hire a photographer. Momma did it. I photo edited and printed what I like and my frames are filled with new pics that look as food as professional. I am proud!