Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photo - Op at a Local Park

I dressed my boys in fun matching clothes.

I bribed them.

I begged them.

I even had to yell "please just smile and cooperate".

I promised we could feed the fish.

I promised we could play in the playground.

I pinky swore we would chase the ducks.

And I most definately gave my word I would push them on the swings.

In the end I got the shots and I LOVE them! Who need to hire a photographer. Momma did it. I photo edited and printed what I like and my frames are filled with new pics that look as food as professional. I am proud!


Karen Mortensen said...

Beautiful pictures.

Kim said...

Great pictures! I am not beneath bribery or a good picture either. Hope you are haivng a great 4th of July!

Angie Vik said...

Very cute pictures. I really like the one of your son up in a tree. Someday they'll appreciate having their childhood photodocumented.