Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Fun

Our family had a wonderful Easter! I think the "bunny" went a little over board. Sunday morning looked similiar to Christmas when we woke up, but we had a really fun time. They are only little for such a short time and the bunny couldn't resist overflowing the baskets.
My Easter present from my hubby was such a treat. He took the children to Indiana from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon to give Mommy some Mommy time. It was soooooo nice.
I really enjoyed it but I have to admit, the house is weired at night without kids, baths, story time and good night kisses. That's ok - I'm not complaining and he is more than welcome to do again, any time he wants to :) I needed that!

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Waiting for the colored tablets to dissolve.

By the end of this project I wasn't sure if we were dyeing Easter Eggs or dyeing little boys fingers.

Smile guys!

Nick showing off his first egg.

Adam sqeezed his eggs too hard while decorated so his had a "crackle" finish!

Oh well, we don't eat them anyway - it was just to have fun!

Adam's Sesame Street Eggs

Nick's Transformer's eggs

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