Monday, February 8, 2010

I never thought I'd...

I have seen this post on many of my blogger friends websites and thought I would add my version.

10 Things I Never Thought I Would Do...

1. I never thought I would be in bed most nights by 9:30pm.

2. I never thought I would catch vomit in my hands (gross, I know).

3. I never thought a crayon drawing on construction paper would bring tears to my eyes.

4. I never thought I would have to do laundry everyday.

5. I never thought that I would think waking up at 6:30 would be "sleeping in".

6. I never thought that someday every decision I make affects someone other than me.

7. I never thought that I could stay up all night with a sick, crying child, who needed their Mommy and not feel sorry for myself because I never got any sleep.

8. I never thought that a great outing on a day off of work would include happy meals and Toys R Us.

9. I never thought that dinners and evenings out with my hubby would be rare and that we would have to make the most out of ever second we were given to be on our own.

10. I never thought I would would see myself as second or third when there were people more important than I. People whose lives depend on every decision I make and people who love me unconditinal, no matter what. People who would not expect nothing more from me than to come home each day and just "be there". People who can change my whole mood just by giving me a huge hug or a sweet kiss. That being called "wife" and "mommy" would be the best words I ever heard or best job I ever had!

I invite each of my blog readers to participate in this posting on their site and leave a comment on mine linking me to your 10 things you never thought you'd do. Have fun!

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