Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Mugs - Whatever the heck I want!!

This week at Monday Mugs, we got to pick our own theme! I am using some more pics from yesterday's adventure at the park. Both boys conquered a fear yesterday that they couldn't do last fall when we were last at the park.

Below, Adam was too afraid to climb the "dinosaur bones", but this year, he cautiously did it (with his bro closely behind for support)!!

Though it doesn't at all look steep in the picture, Nick is riding his bike down a very tall terrain from an old barn/shed to the playgroud. If you don'y have control, you will crash into the big twisty slide. This time he had confidence, control, and lots of giggles afterward!

In the need of a mindless Monday post that encourages you to get your camera out?!? Visit Heather and her cute family at
Have a great week!


HeatherOz said...

Brave boys! I really love that first shot. It is so funny that 60 degrees is a warm-up for you guys! We had a high of 54 on Sunday and the weather map on the news said "Cold Blast."
We are definitely cold wimps!
Thanks so much for linking up!!

Angie Vik said...

What cuties. Way to go Mom, photodocumenting that pivotal moment when your son overcame his fear. Love all your snow pictures in your header and on the side, but looks like from today's pictures that your snow is gone. The groundhog must not have seen his shadow where you live.