Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 things to smile about in March

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Here's my list...

1. A great trip to the Washington D.C. zoo

2. A super fun skiing trip with no kids, my hubby and great friends!

3. A very positive parent/techer conference for Nick. He is doing so well in first grade!

4. Some greens poking through the ground to remind me warm weather is coming!

5. The first day of spring!!

6. 3 more months until my besties wedding :)

7. Making difficult decisions, and having the ability to smile and feel good about them.

8. Planning our summer vacation

9. Having some major, unexpected expenses, but being fortunate enough to be able to pay for them (it took some major sole searching to come to this "positive" thought on things).

10. Having a beautiful family, happy kids, and a loving husband!!

March was fairly crappy at our house. The kids were sick twice, Ray and I were sick, we had 2 appliances suddenly break without reason and our heat pump/central air unit went out and our house is only 8 yrs old!! So I've been absent from blogging, due to the above.

If I have any readers left, I hope to be back blogging now! April is a new month and so far, it's been a lot of fun!! :)


Emmy said...

Well for having such a hard month you were able to come up with a great list, which is totally the whole point, so good for you!
Good progress reports do make you feel good as a mom.
Thanks so much for linking up

HeatherOz said...

So glad you were able to smile through that March! I couldn't even post for 2 months because of all the sicknesses my kids had. It was a really rough winter! I am REALLY looking forward to April too!