Tuesday, November 15, 2011

8 is Great!

Because 8 years ago today, I became a Mom.  God blessed me with a 5 lb, 3 oz miracle.
I love you Nicholas Andrew, and have a very Happy Birthday!!

For My Son...
Author: Amanda Rodriguez

When I learned that you were coming I was sure that you would be,
the most wonderful and precious child that I would ever see.
I was fearful, but excited, I was anxious, but prepared,
to hold you in my arms and show you just how much I cared.
And when the day finally came, my heart was filled with joy,
to see that you were made for me, my perfect little boy.
Now as the years are passing, you surprise me everyday,
by showing me that I can love you in so many different ways.

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Emmy said...

Hope he has a great birthday!