Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slipin' and Slidin'

What a hot Memorial Day weekend! We bought a slip n' slide for something fun to do.
I even went down the slide - twice. I'm sure it was quite a sight and hope the neighbors weren't watching. The kids laughed and we had a super time!!!!
I got some really great photos of the day.

The sun was really hot and I was fearing the water wouldn't make the sunscreen last as long so towards the end I made them wear t-shirts. I might be nuts, but babies with sunburns doesn't sound like fun to me.

I was teasing Nick about getting him a mowhawk (No I wasn't serious - I don't like them, we were just playing). His hair was wet and I honestly thought he looked really cute. Ray didn't enjoy my humor. I loved this picture.

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