Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Mugs - Best Friends!

This week's theme is best friends.
I couldn't do this post with including my husband Ray. We've been best friends for almost 15 years, married for 9, and through ups, downs, and laughs, he always sticks by me!

Of course I HAVE to mention my best girl Liz. Since 3rd grade we've been besties. We shared many memories, laughs, secrets, tears, and great times! Love you girl!

As my boys age, i am anxious to notice the relatioships they will develop. Below is Adam at a recent camping trip with his friend Christopher.

And Nick at his 6th birthday party surrounded by all his buddies.

Aquaintances will come and go, but true friends will last a lifetime!

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HeatherOz said...

Friends are fabulous! Nick looks so happy in his birthday pic!
Thanks so much for linking up!

kneesandpaws said...

Husbands who are best friends are rare and wonderful. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and finding your blog through Heather. Your family looks so happy:)

Kim said...

Great post! It is great to have freinds real and bloggy!