Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wintertime Blues!

It's no secret, winter is not my favorite time of the year. I love Christmas, Valentines Day is lovely, and sledding/snowman building is always a good time, but over all - I do not like winter!
Sooooo...What are some fun things you and your family do when it's too cold to play outside? If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, still share you best inside activity ideas! I will compile a list for everyone to enjoy once I receive your responses.
Come on, we can all help each other out!


Karen Mortensen said...

I love to do puzzles. Watch movies and eat popcorn and hot chocolate.

Darcie said...

Wish I was more invented for you! We just fill our winter up with school nights(equals homework). Two of our four kids are involved in winter sports, and we have our youngest in swim lessons on Saturdays...during the winter, so she can enjoy swimming outside during the summer. ;-)

Everyday is one day closer to spring...if that helps.

HeatherOz said...

We usually only have a few days when it is too cold to play outside. Over Christmas break we made handprint snowmen. My kids loved it and wanted to keep painting!! Here is a tutorial link:

I used bigger canvases for ours and I didn't turn them in to ornaments. They are just propped up on our kitchen counter. You can also search the archives of that blog for "kid crafts" and find some other fun ideas!

There is also this blog:

Emmy said...

I always enjoy building a fort with the kids and going inside and reading stories. Then when I am sick of being in there, they usually stay and play with the fort for hours.

Angie Vik said...

A new batch of homemade playdough and a bunch of cookies cutters would occupy my kids for a long time. We also found an indoor pool to swim at once a week. One of my favorite memories is one bitter cold blustery January day a few years ago we went to a Butterfly House. Inside it was lush, tropical, warm, green, beautiful, and peaceful. It was a welcome break from the winter weather outside.