Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling Old and Reaching Milestones

Yesterday I called Greencastle Primary School and choose a day and time to register Nick for KINDERGARTEN!! I can't believe it. On April 6th at 10:30 I will be taking my first born to see the school, do the paperwork, and kindergarten readiness tests. He will officially be entering the school world - ugh! As if that didn't take ole Mom for a loop - 2 weeks ago Ray signed Nick up for his first season of T-ball. Practices begin in April and games start in May. I have to admit - it is much easier being away from the baby thing. Outing are more fun and not nearly as much work and it is definately easier to go somewhere. Adam is almost potty trained. He just turned 2 in January and took it upon himself that he was going to go on the potty like Nick. It sure made my life easier! No more cribs in our house, no more bottles, and almost no more diapers. They grow up fast but each year seems like more fun than the last.

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