Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!

Brrrrr it's cold outside. The thermometer read 13.7 degrees at our house this morning. Spring, where are you????

This past weekend was fun. Ray went to camp Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so it was just me and my boys and we had a really great time. we did some shopping (it passes the time and they enjoy getting a toy for good behavior), lots of playing and I had to fit in some laundry and cleaning. They only problem was sleep. Adam has recently gotten into the habit of waking up between 5:00am and 5:30am. I am not liking this new trend. This too shall pass - I hope!
Below is a picture of my parents puppy, Daisy. She spent the weekend with us and the kids really enjoyed her. It also reminded me that I am not ready for a permanent dog in our house yet. Sometimes we need reality checks before we do something crazy. She is an 8lb yorkie mix.

One morning last week, and the only day Adam decided to sleep in, I went in his room to wake him up for nursery school and this is how he was sleeping. Ray and I thought it was cute. I think he was on his way out of bed at 5:00am and decided to sleep a little longer - haha.

Nick made me promise to post this picture of him in his bedroom with his new toy. It's a trasformer he's been wanting and I bought it for this weekend for good behavior and because I'm a sucker and it's hard to say no.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am learning to love this blogging thing and I've really enjoyed the interesting blogs I've found. If you notice anything particularly interesting, pass it on!

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