Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I would never buy each of my children a toy on a shopping trip when I said this would be a
"no - toy" shopping trip. I'm not sure if I am a softy, wanted to avoid a tantrum, or find it really hard to say no when they want it so bad - Nope, Not Me!
I would never take something off the top of the clothes hamper and put it back in the closet when I KNOW for sure my wonderful husband only wore for an hour or two and there is no way it could possibly be dirty. Not me, I would never do that because there are days that I get really tired of doing laundry!
I would never feed my children corn dogs, potato chips, and a pickle for supper on a night when daddy had a meeting and I didn't want to cook! By the way, they loved it and ate every bite! :)
And I would never, never go home first after work for 15 minutes of alone time in the house before leaving and going to pick the kids up at school! Nope, not me!!
Happy Monday!!!

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