Friday, March 27, 2009

My heart is touched.

I have been following this blog since the beginning. The mother/host of the blog has a great since of humor and, in most instances, I can relate to whatever she is talking about. This is the blog that "Not Me Monday" originated from. If you check this out, spend some time surfing her site and eventually the entire story will make sense. Anyway, she has a 4 month old son, Stellen, who is VERY, VERY sick and has been in the hospital since the 22nd of March. Being a Mom, my heart completely goes out to her. I have been following her blog and her "Twitters", I even have it minimized on my computer at work right now. She "twitters" so often about what is going on with Stellen that I feel I know them and I can't stay away. Following this blog gave me the interest to go "blog exploring" on my lunch hour with my laptop in the car (I know I am crazy) and I found some sites that truly tugged at my heart strings.
This blog stuff is more than addictive, it is real life. By reading about strangers, you build this crazy connection, and as strange as it sounds, you begin to feel like you know them and you tend to go to a world with other people in situations much like your own or other people with similarities to you but certain circumstances that you hope to never face, such as poor Stellen's health problems. So MckMama - I thinking of you and praying for your little boy and after an hour of blog surfing, I was amazed at how many lives you have touched. Your button was on almost every site I was on.
To follow Stellen's progress, click on his button about half way down my page on the right hand side.

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