Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Proud, Excited Daddy!!

Ray got a phone call last night to be the head coach of Nick's T-ball team. He was SOOO excited. The baby stage is fun, but hard and exhaustive so now that the kids, especially Nick, is older we are able to do some really fun, more structured activities and Ray is so excited about coaching his sons team. He is a very proud father!!
Last week we have two unusually warm days. We went out side as soon as we got home and played until dark. The boys were so happy to be out and I must admit it felt pretty good to me too! The temperatures didn't stay warm for long. We been averaging about 25 degrees for the last several days. We all have cabin fever and we can hardly wait for spring to arrive. Below are some pictures of the kids enjoying the 55 degree day.
Nick played until dark in our garden area. Now he has it all loose, turned and ready for spring planting :)

Adam was determined he "could do it me-self."
I stood close by because I didn't want a very independant little boy falling down the rockwall.

Nick using his imagination - a train, aka "bulldozer."

The slide is much easier this year than last year for Adam since he has grown so much!

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2003beachbunch said...

How fun! Tell Ray congrats!