Friday, June 5, 2009

Nick at the Circus With My Dad - "Pap"

A camel ride.

Goats at the petting zoo area.

Enjoying the tigers and laughing with a girl from his class who happened to be there too.

He talked Pap into another camel ride after the show.

My Dad and Nick are inseperable, best buddies. They enjoy spending time together and its not uncommon for the two of them to take off on a Saturday and go somewhere together. I am so glad Nick has the opportunity to make such great memories with his grandparents. Those memories will be enjoyed throughout his lifetime. Once Adam is a little more independant, he will get to enjoy more outing as well. Now he gets a toy from Pap when they come home from the outings or if Mimi (my Mom) goes, she'll take him too.


Andrea said...

I also have two boys and I think my oldest would love if he could spend every night with them. Grandparents don't know how important they are.

Life With The Boys! said...

Thanks for the comment. I still enjoy spending time with my granparents nad I still cherish the many memories from my childhood. I checked out your site - I loved your entry on Faith!