Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Fun

What a terrific weekend. Have you ever had one of those great family weekends when nothing special happened, you were totally relaxed, you didn't really go anywhere - but had a super time? Below are some random pictures of our fun.

This is one of my favorite pictures I've taken of Nick.
He was actually in the mood to be photographed. Isn't cooperation grand?
Especiallly when the end product turns out so darn cute.

Believe it or not - Adam isn't screaming for dear life and Nick isn't trying to throw his brother off of the slide - they are actually laughing and having a really great time.
Anyone reading this who has 2 boys will understand!

As the boys took a long Sunday afternoon nap, I filled 2 baby pools and got out the slipping slide. They awoke to a water wonderland in the backyard. We all had a super time and played for hours. I even got into the baby pool.
Below Adam is taking a rest in the midst of all of the excitement.

After just playing in the sand box, Adam has a seat while I put his sandals back on him. In case I wasn't sure, he is showing me where they go. Neither one of my boys like to walk barefoot in the grass.

As Adam still plays in the water, Nick and I sat on the swing, rested, and he played with his newest Transformer as we both enjoyed the smells of Daddy BBQing dinner.

"Tractor Ride"!! Nothing is better than a tractor ride!! Beside, Adam knew Daddy couldn't mow the whole yard without his help.

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