Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Mugs - Vroom, Vroom

This week's theme is Vroom, Vroom! I have boys, so this was EASY!!

Adam riding the Dino at Nick's 6th birthday party.

A great prop for a great portrait.

First night on a new Power Wheels ride.

A 4th birthday gift from his Mommy & Daddy - his first bike!

When Nick was 3, he was obsessed with tow trucks because he LOVED the disney movie Cars.
My Dad took him to Tow Truck sales yard. It was a BIG event!

Nick's 6th Birthday suprise...a trip to a new car dealership to see a "Bumble Bee" car detailed to be the one from Tranformers. It even had a trim package that had the Transformers symbols and such! This too was VERY exciting!!

Adam's turn to drive!

and lawn mower rides always seem to be the best "vroom, vroom" in town!!!

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1 comment:

HeatherOz said...

Those are so great! The Power Wheels motorcycle is so cool. My boys would probably have liked something like that instead of the purple jeep! And how awesome to see Bumble Bee! My boys would have loved that too!