Tuesday, September 21, 2010

True Story Tuesday

It's all in good fun...right? Every time I am able to participate in this blog post, it generally means my children have somehow embarrassed me or have done something only a mother could love...and this week is certainly no different!
Nick is not a big fan of Sunday school. He enjoys and comprehends learning about God and religion, but at church or on his own time or during prayer time at home. He feels that 5 days in a classroom are enough so spending Sunday morning after church in a classroom doesn't work for him. I do understand, he is almost 7 and a little boy.
Well, in not my proudest moment as a mother, I unfortunately tried to strike a deal. It back fired - BIG TIME!
I told him if he went to Sunday school willingly and easily, I would take him to get a toy when we where done (I know...like I said, not my proudest "Mom Moment".
I was helping with class on this day (last Sunday) and my son raised his hand. His teacher called on him. Oh no...here it comes! He asked "when is class going to be over? Mommy said I can get a toy when we get done if I didn't argue about coming to class"
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Foursons said...

Hahaha- love it. They have such a way w/words, don't they?

Kmama said...

Stopping by from Once Upon a Miracle. So funny!! Kids are so honest.

Mr. Daddy said...

So....Did he get his toy????LOL

great story.

thanks for linking up.

Rachel said...

Oh he did not!?!?! So sorry about how it backfired! Though he really couldn't have picked better timing, eh? :)

Thanks for the laughs and for linking up!

The Church Lady said...

How very cute and honest!

HeatherOz said...

Haha! Hilarious!
I hate it when my bribery slaps me in the face!