Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 Things to Smile About in April

1. An unexpected, unique opportunity to finally being a stay at home Mom!! :) It's not forever, but I am enjoying every moment for now!!

2. Nick lost his first tooth ~ I remember when he was 6 months old and got that tooth!

3. Spring cleaning!

4. WARM weather and playing outside

5. Planning summer vacations

6. The start of Nick's baseball season

7. I taught Adam to write and spell his name!

8. Easter egg hunts

9. Flowers poking through the ground and planting around my house

10. New neighbors with 2 little boys that happen to be the exact same age as my boys, endless play dates and new great friends to hang out with!!! :)

April was a great month and MUCH better than the last 3 months.


Angie Vik said...

I think it's neat thing to stop and think of things you're thankful for. It's so easy to focus on frustrations and get discouraged rather than remembering blessings and being encouraged.

Yay! You get to stay home for awhile. There will probably be a few adjustments but your family will love having you home.

I liked that you were thankful about planning summer vacation. I love to plan. Hope you were able to get the planning done that you wanted to. Family Vacations = Fun (Big time.)

Emmy said...

Yeah! So glad this month was better. And so happy that you are enjoying your time as a stay at home mom.. today ended up being one of those days were I would have been more than happy to get away and work :p

Great list!