Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Update ~ In a nutshell!

I haven't blogged much lately, though I am still reading and enjoying the blogs I follow. For some reason spring/early summer is a really busy time for our family.

Some quick updates include:

Ray - looking forward to the end of the school year and trying to get the seniors graduated. He is helping to coach Nick's baseball team this year and trying to keep up with all of the spring s=chores around the house. We are thrilled to be accompanying him on a week long conference in Philly the last week of June. I never realized all there is to do in philly until I started planning our trip. Too bad the kids and I will ahve to tell him about our adventures when he returns each day from the conferance.

Nick - Finishing up first grade and enjoying his first season of baseball. We are finding out t-ball was much less competitive. He is exploring his boundries, making new friends, and enjoying life! He has discovered a new best friend via our new neighbor's. The lord works in mysterious ways! They moved in with 2 little boys exactly the same age as mine and the oldest is in Nicks class and the youngest attend preschool with Adam. Such a blessing!!!

Adam - He is attending preschool one day per week. Next year he will go to the pre-k program (so hard to believe). He is loving being home with me on the other days and we have a great daily routine. He is still not old enough to play sports in our area yet, but he has enjoyed making new friends as we cheer his brother on at games. He is so animated and full of life. He definately fills my day with laughter!

Me - I am officially a Stay at Home Mom. An unexpected opportunity arose (very long story!) and I embraced it! Though it's temporary, it could not have come at a better time ~ spring cleaning, flower planting, end of school eyar activities, etc :). I have a great routine and must admit I will not be happy when I re-enter the work force.
I am very much looking forward to summer vacations such as Raystown Lake, Philadelphia, and our annual week at our beach condo in July.

I promise to be a better blogger! I enjoy reading everyone's blog and I hope my bloggy friends will continue to support mine.

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Karen Mortensen said...

Good luck with everything. Enjoy your time at home.