Friday, September 4, 2009

Indiana Pa. Bound

Ray left early this morning to go to Indiana for his grandfathers funeral. His grandfather wasn't a real big part of his life and our kids never really knew him and since Nick is in school and I had to work, I am driving up with the boys myself tomorrow morning after breakfast. As long as I remember to pack 3 hours worth of movies for the ride up, we should be fine. I'm basically entertaining them during the formal service tomorrow so we can stretch the car ride out as long as needed. Late afternoon everyone will come back to my father-in-laws house for a get together picnic after the services, so I am planning to take them to IUP for a walk around tour to see where their parents met and went to college. Nick's well aware of what IUP is and he would enjoy seeing the campus. Adam will just like exploring new ground. If anyone from Indiana, or visiting for the weekend, wants to meet up -
give us a yell.

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2003beachbunch said...

Hope the service went well. Please tell Ray he's in our thoughts and prayers. (You too.)