Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not play "Wonder Pets" on our swing set all evening with my children. The fort on the swing set was not the "fly-boat" and Nick was not Lenny, Adam was not Tuck, and I most certainly wasn't Ming Ming....we did not laugh a lot and have a great time!!

I most certainly didn't scrub my kitchen floor and lay down my 2 new rugs only to discover I bought 2 different rugs. They most certainly didn't look exactly the same except the stripes were going in two different directions.

I did not mistakingly go to the freezer to get a coffee cup this morning at 5:30am- that would be silly. Coffe cups are kept in the cupboard!

I did not blush and become flustered when Nick shared his new language of the "human anatomy" that he learned on the playground during recess. I did not tell him that 5 1/2 year old do not talk like that and then run to get his father to have a little "father son talk".

I was not thrilled when "Big Green Tractor" came on the radio and I did not keep putting it on repeat with the satelite Sirius radio in my car because my kids LOVE that song and were good for the remainder of the car ride.

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