Monday, November 9, 2009

Needing Advice

** 11/13/09, Update - things are much improved and he got over this habit as quickly as it started.
He has no idea how relieved his parents are.
I need some advice from my fellow Mom's. Nick has always been my rule following, sweet, quiet child and then Adam came along to keep my life interesting.

Anyway, Adam would always go to bed really easy - bath at 7:00 then settle time with T.V. and snack and off to stories and bed at 8:00. Well... we've had about a week of my fiesty 2 year old not wanting to go to bed. He loves the bedtime story part but when the lights go out he won't lay down and go to bed. He's rather kick and scream and run around the house. Then, when morning comes he is sweet and cuddly again - it almost makes you forget how awful bedtime went the night before.
He's better when Ray does his bedtime, but it's still not good. It's getting old real fast and I'd like to get past this before it becomes a habit,
Any advice???

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