Friday, November 20, 2009

Strange Friday Nght

What a strange Friday night it is going to be. Ray is at camp with his friends doing "boy stuff" (I do not need to know more than that - trust me) and my parents wanted Adam to spend the night since he doesn't get to stay over nearly as often as Nick does. So that leaves me and Nick by ourselves and that has never happend, except of course before Adam was born but Nick was at a different age level and things were different. It's going to be interesting. I promised we would go out to dinner, maybe shopping, come home, watch a movie and stay up late. 9:00 will be late for him, so late doesn't really mean late. I think we will have a really great and special experience. Tomorrow is our Christmas parade and my parents will meet me with Adam at 9:00am for that and then it will be me and the boys until Ray comes home Sunday - around lunchtime. I'm excited about a Mommy and Nick night. I think it will be a really special time with special memories. But strange!

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