Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vacation Pictures

Having a great time!!

Just to prove I got into the water - Brrrrrrrr. That is as far as I went.

Baiting the hook and getting ready to surf fish.

Ouside cabanas beside the pool, bar, and a nice relaxation area.

Atrium in the hotel. Inside the white fence was an ice skating rink.


This is where we stayed. Great place.

We had so much fun and did a lot, but the camera got in the way so I didn't capture very much. These are some pictures of where we stayed, the beach, Ray and I surf fishing and watching the sunset (awesome), and some of the wonderful hotel we stayed in. I am longing to go back, just the 2 of us - but we are the 4 of use most of the time and we will have a blast when we take the kids to our condo in July!!

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HeatherOz said...

My feet want to be in that water! They also want a pedicure! LOL
Looks like SO much fun!!