Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 of my favorite things!

I found this on a blogger friend's site. Our blogs tell the story of our family, friends, and every day lives, but how much do we write about ourselves? This is 10 things just about me and my favorite things!
I love any shade of is a beautiful color.

This is my all time favorite show. I've seen each episode 100's of times and still laugh like it's the first time I've seen it.

I adore old Navy flip flops. I have nearly every color and I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear them again :)

Roses are my favorite flower. Ray is great about buying bouquets of them for me for no reason and I have several rose bushes in my yard that I am very proud of.

The beach is my favorite vacation place. I feel so happy and peaceful there.

My new favorite cereal. I LOVE it and go through lots of boxes.

After a long busy week, I enjoy a nice cold beer on the weekend to unwind and relax :)

My favorite store. A one stop shop and my kids and I are addicted.

Storag bins are fabulous. Everything in my house is in a storage container, bin or tote. I am obsessed with organization and being tidy.

There is nothing better than a Starbucks coffee - Yummy!!

o.k. I've showed you 10 random pictures to descibe what I's your turn!
What are your favorite things????
Leave a comment so I travel to your site and get to know you better.

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