Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Dreaming...

It's been a really, really long, cold, snowing, staying inside kind of winter. It is now March. In my opinion the longest month of the year. 31 days, finishing up the harsh winter weather, the arrival of spring, the few warm "teaser" days, the final yucky month before things seem to thaw out and the hope and excitement of spring starts to arrive.
I hate March. I hope it goes by very quickly.
I am tired of winter. I am constantly Day Dreaming of spring and summer. The warm temperatures, playing outside, day trips and vacations, open windows, the wonderful outdoor air, the smell of fresh cut grass and the carefree world of enjoy the outdoors. Yes my friends, winter was long enough and it's time to say good -bye! I booked 2 seperate vacations to the beach over the last 4 days (one vacation for May and one for July). Once March is over, the winter woes will end.
Think Spring!!

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