Thursday, June 17, 2010

Suprise Vacation!

Last Thursday I worked a half day and got off at 12 and off on Friday. I received a cell phone call at 12:10 and was told to come straight home for a surprise. I could hear the kids giggling and being excited in the background. When I got home Ray told me I had 1/2 hour to pack for a trip and to pack swiming stuff, the kids were already packed. We got in the car and I was kidnapped to an unknown destination. Little did I know, we were going to one of the most wonderful vacation I ever had. We went to Raytown Lake. It's a lake resort full of activities, boats, gorgeous scenary, and a peacefulness of the outdoors, without any commercialism. He had this planned for weeks and I was so proud of him for doing something like this. In 15 years of knowing him he has never planned a real vacation, I am always to vacation planner/coordinator!
Below are the highlights of our trip. I will warn you, it's a long post, but I just couldn't narrow down the pictures any more than I did to capture our 2 wonderful days - away from it all!

We just got out of the car and the kids were patiently waiting to go to the pool and waterpark!

Nick, my little fish, loved the pool and doing cannonballs !!

Adam was more cautious in the pool, but had fun playing on the steps and hanging on to the side.

This water park or, "sprinkler park" as Adam called it, was more his speed and everyone had fun playing between here and teh pool. In this pic they are getting wet from the big water bucket that fills up and then dumps the water out.

The awesome sprinklers and sprayers!!

Running throuhg the spraying frog - all 3 of my boys!

The outside of our room. It was nestled in the mountains and overlooked the lake. The view was breathtaking.

Pure Beauty!

My men at the boat marina.

This is the view from the balcony of our room. It was Ray and I's favorite place to be at night after the boys went to sleep. We just talked, had a few drinks, enjoyed the view, got some bugs bites, and loved each others company.

Me and Nick

What?! I'm ready, let's go to the beach.

The beautiful walk to the beach area.

Enjoying the beach water.

Huddling around the portable DVD player to watch a movie before bedtime. They were 2 very tired little boys and fell asleep very fast.

We had a great time. We still have a few more trips to enjoy before the summer fly's by! Next weekend we head out to Lancaster and Dutch Wonderland to stay adn play for a few days. I promise to share all of our summer fun with my blogs friends - it's looking to be a great summer!

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HeatherOz said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! And the best part? Your husband planned the whole thing AND packed for the kids! What a dream!!