Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For My Kids...

I love blogging about my life and family. It is my hope to keep this blog going forever and leave it as a memoir of sorts for my children. I do not write about special moments or share special pictures just to share them with friends (both friends I actually know & blog friends) without reason. I want my blog to serve as a memory book for my children. I began scrapbooking with Nick and I have completed up to his 3rd year and I have Adam's completed up to his 8th month - and then I discovered blogging. It is much more convientant and much faster. I still hope to work on their albums, but in reality, this blog is their album. With that said - I have decided to commit to a weekly post of something specific I want them to remember or know years down the road. I can't remember everything in hopes of telling them someday, so through this blog, they can read about the quirky, special, silly, embarassing, and special things we have done as a family, what they have done individually, or maybe just some rambling I feel are important to remember.
If you like the idea, feel free to copy the concept. It's a great way to let your children know about their lives and how much their Mom cared to chronicle it all!
My next post will be the "offical" For My Kids Tuesday posting of special tidbits I want them to know.

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Kim said...

What a fantasic idea! I will have to play along next week. Thanks for following me, I am now following you too!