Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Mugs - Bubbles!!

This is my 1st Monday Mugs post. I saw it on
Jamie's blog and I liked it. This week's theme is bubbles.
Nick usually does not like to blow bubbles,
so there are none of him - but Adam loves to!

Easter 2010, the bunny brought a Buzz Lightyear bubble gun!

Loading up with bubbles.

Last summer, 2009.

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Kim said...

I am also a bloggy friend of Jamie's, nice to meet you! What a super cute bubble blower you have! I love the bubble gun/machines all then fun and less mess.

HeatherOz said...

Great shots! Do they make those bubble guns in a girlie version?
So cool!
Thanks so much for linking up!

Life With The Boys! said...

Yes, I have seen these for girls, Dora and Disney Princess I think. Walmart, Kmart, & Toys R Us have them. If you can't fnd caracters, they have plain colored ones, we have those too. Thanks for the comments...I loved your blog! I hope to be a Monday regular.

Jamie is a good friend. We met in college & she was in my wedding. We lost touch over the years but blogging & facebook allowed us to reconnect. I loved your blog - I will be a new regular reader.

Thanks for writing everyone :)

Angie Vik said...

I'm visiting from Heather's blog. I LOVE those pictures of your little boys. They are so cute, with or without bubbles.

Shana said...

What sweet bubble pics. He looks like the man in his shades!