Monday, April 26, 2010

For My Kids...

Since I am writing this blog for my kids and I use this post to tell them some special tidbits about their lives, I think I should start at the beginning.
Today's post is entitled "The Day I Found Out I Was Pregnant"!

Nick - You were quite an unexpected, pleasant suprise! Having a baby at this time was the furthest thing from Mommy & Daddy's mind, but the day we found out we were pregnant was so exciting, awesome, thrilling, scary, and shocking - all at the same time. You see, we were on the 5 year plan, married for 5 years and then have children. I found out I was pregnant on April 3, 2003, one month before our 2nd anniversary. After about 2 weeks of "wondering" and being nervous to find out, I gave in and stopped at Wal-Mart and bought a test on the way to work. I took it as soon as I got to work **Suprise**. I was so excited all day, so needless to say, not much work got done. I went home and nervously paced the floor until Daddy came home. I told him right away in the kitchen and words could not describe the shocked look he gave me! We were both so excited!! After Daddy treated me to a special dinner, we came home and started making the phone calls. It was a very special day. You arrived almost 4 weeks early, right before Thanksgiving. So tiny and beautiful.
Adam - The day I found out I was pregnant with you was not nearly as shocking. You were strategically planned, so to speak! After miscarrying 3 months before, we wanted you very badly. On the morning of May 5, 2006, Daddy talked me into buying a test on the way home from running errands on this Sunday morning. I was so scared because I knew I couldn't go through losing another baby. Daddy took Nick out to the sandbox to build castles and told me to take the test. Low and behold, 2 pink lines told me you were coming! I told Daddy and Nick and we were so excited. Quickly the phone calls began. I must say every doctors appointment made me nervous but your precious heartbeat was strong and healthy and the following January, you joined our family!


HeatherOz said...

Those are such great stories. I vividly remember each and every time we found out we were pregnant! So exciting!

p.s. I thought I had already commented on this post! I KNOW I read these stories earlier!

Wendy said...

I love your stories and just may have to bloglift this idea! I have it all in their scrapbooks but I love idea of putting it on the blog!