Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 Things in June

Once a month a blogger, Emmy, lists 10 things that made her smile for that month and allows us to join in. What a fun idea! This is my first week participating, so here we go.....

1. Beautiful summer weather.

2. A suprise trip planned by my hubby.

3. My flowers are so pretty around the yard.

4. Lots of days off of work to enjoy time with the family.

5. A great, and hot, trip to Dutch Wonderland/Lancaster with my family and my parents.

6. Getting my new deck stained and beautified!


8. Watching my children play and enjoy the outdoors.

9. Less laundry since hubby is a teacher and not wearing dress clothes right now.

10. Warm evenings to catch fireflies!


Emmy said...

Thanks so much for linking up! Great list. And how nice to have the summer off for laundry.. well sort of :)
Our has increased ten fold lately thanks to baby Ryder.

Going to check out more of your blog now :)

Mrs Montoya said...

What a sweet list. My favs are nights for fireflies and less laundry. I am also thrilled not have to wash school uniforms twice a week right now.

I came over from Emmy's and am so glad to "meet" you. Have a great July!

HeatherOz said...

ooohhh! Fireflies! I wish we had those!

Kim said...

Great list! So glad you are enjoying your summer!