Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shoot Me, 1 of 52

I've seen this challenge on many blogs that I read and I always wanted to participate, but never commited myself to the project. Here is goes - keep me motivated folks to be in some pictures!!

This challenge is an effort to get Mom out from behind the camera for a change and actually be in a picture. I thought it was a wonderful idea because, looking at pictures of events and vacations, I wonder if I was really there - there's no proof! Just proof that a picture was taken by me, but I was never in any. Anyway, here's my first entry.

We are big Dr. Suess fans at my house, so when I found these shirts, I had to have them.

I also discovered, that dressing my kids alike makes it easy to spot them and keep an eye on them in crowded situation, like at Ocean City last week.


The Church Lady said...

Welcome to this fun meme! That is a great photo of you and your boys. I live about 3 hours from OC in Southern PA. I have not been there in a few years. Looks like you had a great time!

The Church Lady said...

Hi Allison! Just wanted to shoot you back a message. I live more to the East near Hanover, PA. I'm sure we are not far from each other at all! I too would like to follow you and I will be putting you on my blog roll too! It is always fun to meet new bloggers, especially when they live near you!