Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting to Know You

This is a fun Q & A game to play on Sundays! Wanna play? Answer the questions and link up with the host ~ Come on, it's fun!!

1. Thongs or Granny panties? No Grannies for me!! ;)
2. If you see a guy with his fly down, do you tell him? Only if it's my hubby or sons. If I know his significant other, I will tell her so she can tell him.
3. Spanx or no Spanx? No Spanx!
4. Do you sleep in your sheets? I have no idea what this Q means, but, I sleep with sheets and 2 blankets, no matter what the weather is.
5. What is your favorite Disney character? Cinderella, hands down!
6. Dream vacation spot? Hawaii, just me & Ray and unlimited $ to spend and lots of romance and fun!! With the kids, Disney World.
7. Dream Job? I already have the job I wanted when I began my career, though it took me 10 years to gain enough eperience to achieve my goal. Ultimately (if we weren't dependant on my income) I would LOVE to be a stay at home Mom.
8. Who is your hero and why? My parents. They have had a rock solid marraige for 36 years. They taught me right from wrong. There were many times that I thought they were being too strict, but now I appreciate that and understand why. They are ALWAYS there when I need them and, when I need advice or a babysitter, they are always there without question. I feel the way I was raised is the reason for my success and great life I have today!!

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