Monday, July 19, 2010

July 2010 Family trip to the Beach

Ahhh...Back to reality! I just came back from a fantastic trip to the beach. I took over a hundred pictures but these are some of my favorites that I wanted to share. I am sure many of the others ones will turn up during future posts, so don't worry..hehe.
I am amazed at how relaxing and tranquil the ocean and beaches are. I had such a wonderful time with the family, though we did have our interesting moments, but I will share that on True Story Tuesday ~ Stay tuned!!
I have had a great time catching up on the blogs I missed reading, though I didn't have much time to leave comments.
Enjoy my pictures and thanks for stopping by.

Ray getting in a little surf fishing.

My boys are excited and ready to go exploring.

Oh this was not a fun experience...Ray would build Nick a sand castle to play with and Adam would come along and step on it. Adam thought it was a fun game. Nick - not so much!!
In this picture, Nick is begging his brother to not step on his sand castle. Needless to say, Adam was banished to the other side of the blanket and only permitted to play with his own sand creations.

Digging for sand crabs was a big hit!

The same picture we took last year, just bigger boys! See post below before we left.

Those boys were hard to keep safe when the hard waves came crashing in.

Gearing up, lathering up, and heading out!

Nick and I before seashell hunting.

Looking for the perfect shell.

Just Beautiful!!!

A good picture of both boys!! (such a hard task)

The carnival and the pier - I have lots of fun pics of that to share later too!

Tune into tomorrow, on True STory Tuesday, to find out why Adam is in a stroller.
You can't have a trip with out an injury!! I just wished we could.

Ready for the mornings adventure.

Swimming at one fo the 4 pools our condo had. They met a great little guy that shared his toys and played so nice with them.

Smiling on the boardwalk.

So excited!!

It was awesome, hard to come home, and I want to go back.
I'd go back now if I could!!!

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HeatherOz said...

Oh Man! The beach looks like so much fun! I am dying for a break from the desert!