Friday, July 23, 2010

5 Question Friday

1. What were your school colors? Blue and Gold
2. What's the best compliment you ever received? You have adorable, well behaved children
3. Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper? I buy Charmin or Cottonel - does that count at expensive?
4. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you? My bridal shower was supposed to be but someone spilled the beans, my baby shower was supposed to be but I was on bedrest for pre-eclampia so I had to get my Dr's permission to go - anwer is no :) Or have you had one for someone else? I was a partner in throwing one for my grandparents
5. What is one material possession that you "can't live without"? My wedding rings


MoonChylde said...

That really stinks about the parties. My baby shower wasn't a surprise but I was in the hospital w/preterm labor and my Dr said no go but they were able to bring it to me! :) Have a Great Weekend!

Sassy Sites! said...

CUTE BLOG!! I'm your newest follower! Visting yours from Sassy Sites... :) Have a great Friday!

My Heart said...

Aw, what a sweet answer to number 5.

Susan said...

interesting answer for #5 :)