Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend, and the next few days are a little different in our house - not the norm.
Ray and Nick are camping, in a tent, up near Erie Pa with Ray's family (about 4.5 hours from home). They will not be back until Tuesday and they left on Saturday. This leaves just me and Adam. My house is much quieter, and almost too easy.
Yesterday was Adam's Special Day since he didn't get to go on the campout.
Here is what we did: After we said good bye to the campers, we went out shopping. We hit all of Adam's favorite stores. We did lunch at the place of his choosing, played in the evening and, after baths, we had our own campout - Mommy style. We snuggled in my bed, watched
Toy Story 2 with the lights out, we each had a flashlight handy in case we needed it, and we shared a bowl of popcorn. The little guy had to stay back but we are having a great time and I made sure he never felt jealous.
Our kids play great together. They love each other very much and really miss each other when the other is away, but my husband and I always felt that individual time is very important. You get to see a different side to a child when they are alone. They need time to epress thier indivuality and to have some undivided attention. Those times are special and create their own unique set of memories.
So thus, this was Adam's special weekend, and Nick's special weekend. Each in very different ways, but not any less special.

But we sure do miss Daddy and Nick. We hope they are having fun but we will be waiting with lots of hugs and kisses after their safe return home!! :)


The Church Lady said...

It's great that you are able to spend quality time and have that one on one time with your son. He will always remember your time together and what you shared. You are a good mom.

HeatherOz said...

How fun! You are so right! Individual time is important!